Willkommen zu einem neuen Live Erlebnis!Her Majestyplays QUEEN with a Smile!


4 men, 1 girl - one mission. 5 hearts, 5 souls - just one direction. One flash of light - yeah: one god, one vision. We don't waste no time at all. We hear the bell and we answer the call, because it's time for the hammer to fall. So don't stop us now, we still want to break free. Do you know that you're my best friend?


In the year of '39 I was born to love you: You are the love of my life. Now I'm here (and the great pretender, too) and we will rock you with a Bohemian Rhapsody - forever. Let another one bites the dust. The Radio GaGa says to all the fat bottomed girls in the world: Tie your mother down. She ist under pressure. And in the end we make this final breakthru to be the champions of the world.


That is the kind of magic. THE SHOW MUST GO ON.

Das PersonalDie BandAktuelle Besetzung

On yellow socks and sweeping keys: Thomas

Ort des täglichen Daseins: Hannover

2 Instrumente

Spike Edney' s würdiger Vertreter ist gefunden!

On maracas and sometimes vocals: Freddy

Ort des täglichen Daseins: Somewhere over the rainbow...

1 Instrumente

Neustart mit Freddy - ja ehrlich, kein Scherz!

On dazzling tie and bass guitar: Mark

Ort des täglichen Daseins: Celle

3 Instrumente

On pork pie head and screaming guitar: Amadeus

Ort des täglichen Daseins: Burgdorf

3 Instrumente

On drums and tiger skin trousers: Stefan

Ort des täglichen Daseins: Uelzen

4 Instrumente

Stefan Wenzel - nein, nicht unser Ex-Umweltminister, eher unser Drumminister.

Her Majesty...Hören!Hier ein paar Live-Mitschnitte...

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